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Titanic sails on


It seems that never a month passes without a new Titanic ‘story’ in the press, often associated with the auction of some related item. Last month, a cracker (pictured below) from one of Titanic’s lifeboats sold for £15,000. It was saved by a passenger on the liner Carpathia, which picked up survivors from the sinking.

Titanic biscuit

At the same auction, a photograph which it is claimed shows the iceberg that sank Titanic sold for £21,000. It was taken by a crew member on a passing ship, and he described seeing traces of red paint on which may have been left there as Titanic scraped along the side of the berg.

This is all very well, and no doubt intriguing for Titan-oraks the world over (amongst which I count myself having spent two years developing the content for the Titanic visitor centre in Belfast), but what I find of more interest are stories like this one published in the Daily Mail in September:

It shows how the worldwide interest in Titanic’s sinking has prompted research into the lives of ordinary people who went down with the ship, and so the disaster does enable us to find out more about individuals who otherwise may not have figured in history. And that is a positive side to the tragedy.


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